Mirror Image Aquatics is licensed and certified to work on all pool equipment. We also offer many services to keep your pool beautiful and operating properly. All of our repairs are charged by the hour. We have a one hour minimum on any service call we take. Our hourly labor rate is $125.00 a hour. If you becoming a weekly cleaning customer of ours, you will receive a reduced labor charge. On our larger services you will be quoted a price that includes the labor.


We can help with the repair of all your pool equipment. Afew examples listed below:

Pool Pumps

Water feature Pumps

Boost Pumps

Plumbing Repairs

Filter Repair / Cleaning

Automatic Cleaners


Pool Lighting

Air Blowers

Multi-port and Diverter Valves

Underground Blockages

UV and Ozone Systems

Manuel Timer Systems

Automation Systems

Salt Systems / Cell Cleaning

Auto-fill Systems

Auto-fill Systems

Chemical Feeder Systems

New Equipment Installation

We can install new equipment to replace existing worn equipment or we can add to or upgrade your current system.

Filter Cleaning/Sand Change

We can clean both Cartridge and D.E. Type pool filters or we can change sand in sand filters.

Tile and Stone Cleaning

 We can clean the calcium build up on stone or tile and give your pool that new clean look again.

Green to Clean (chemically)

If a pool has not gotten too much algae in it, we can use chemicals to turn the water back to blue.

Drain and Clean/Acid or Chlorine Wash

When a pool has too much algae in it to clean up chemically, then we must do a drain and clean. This is where we drain the water out of the pool and either apply acid or chlorine to clean up the plaster. Please note when an acid wash is required this will cause the plaster to be degraded some.

One Time Pool Cleaning

If you don't have the time, or just want a break, A one time pool clean may be just what you need. Please note all chemicals are charged separately.

Mastic Replacement

This is replacing the expansion joint between the deck and the pool. The mastic has to be replaced on the pool every 3-5 years to keep from water eroding the ground from under your deck or around the structure of you pool body.

Coping and Natural Rock Sealing

We can seal the natural stone rocks, coping, or waterfalls around your pool. This will help the life of the stone and also help from deposits (salt, calcium) from penetrating the stone and destroying it.

Underground Leak Detection

If you are losing water in the pool and it does not seem to be coming from the equipment, then we suggest a leak detection. This process we pressure test all the plumbing on the pool. If the pressure alone can not determine where the leak is then we will use sonar equipment to identify the leak within one foot. This process will take out any guess work of where the repair is needed.


Over time the plaster of the pool will show aging and staining. When one is tired of the eyesore from this, it may be time to re-plaster the pool. We will work with you through this whole process. We will explain the pros and cons to the different type of plasters and show you samples you can touch and see before you make you final decision. We are able to help with new decking, deck toppers, new tile, or new coping as well.

Pool School

New pool owner? Just need a refresher course? Let us give you a pool school. We will identify all plumbing on equipment and label it. Then we will explain the use and maintenance for all your equipment, and all the pool terminology for your pool. Finally we explain basic pool chemistry to you. When the pool school is done you will know how to clean, maintain and balance your pool. We also offer phone support to help even after the pool school is finished.

Pool Inspections

Mirror Image Aquatics is a C.P.I. (Certified Pool Inspector with NSPF). We will inspect a pool at a property you are looking to purchase. We will check all aspects of the pool and equipment. Then we will provide you with an inspection report stating the conditions of the entire pool, what meets code and what doesn't, and our suggestions of repairs that are needed. This service can also be used by someone selling a property to make sure the pool is in a good condition for the new owners.

New Pool Pre-Build Consultation

Looking to have a new pool built?  Let us help you through all the questions and decisions. We will explain to you the pros and cons  with equipment, plaster, automation, salt systems and secondary sanitizing systems. We will help you spend your money wisely. Unlike a builder who is wanting to sell the job and be done, we will tell you of products that can save you money on electricity or make the pool safer against water illnesses. 

Chlorine Free Pool Systems

Have someone in you family with sensitive skin, skin cancer, or  eczema and chlorine bothers them? A chlorine free pool system may be just what you need. We are able to sanitize your pool without using chlorine and effecting those close to you. 

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Mirror Image Aquatics would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us for any of your pool needs. So give us a call or contact us, then all there is left to do is:

 "Relax, let us do the work"