Mirror Image Aquatics strives to keep your pool beautiful and the water balanced so the only thing you will have to do is enjoy it.
All of our Cleaning Techs go through a thorough training program and have to pass all their certification exams before they will be allowed to work on your pool. Our Techs are only working with professional testing equipment, so we will always have a full water lab with us and we get exact results. This allows us to maintain a great water balance and give you a gorgeous pool to enjoy, show off and be proud of.
Mirror Image Aquatics offers two maintenance programs: Chemicals Only Service and our specialty, Weekly Pool Cleaning. Both of these services include a weekly email from our PoolTrac system. This system GPS and time stamps the techs, shows before and after pictures of the pool, and emails you a report of the chemical readings, chemicals that were added, and what was done during the visit to your location. Mirror Image Aquatics can also help with one-time cleanings.
Chemical Only Service

This service is to help out those customers that enjoy spending the time at their pool doing the cleaning but they don’t want the responsibility of balancing their water or the danger of working with or storing the chemicals.

This service will include us coming once a week and checking the water balance and adding the appropriate chemicals. (Specialty chemicals, algaecides and removers will be charged for accordingly and are not included in the monthly fee).

Weekly Pool Cleaning

This is the service most of our customers opt for. This allows your pool to be maintained and balanced by professionals. It relieves you from the responsibility of handling or storing the chemicals and any chances of doing damage to your equipment or plaster. We will be at your house weekly to clean the pool, balance the water and visually inspect your equipment for any needed repairs.

Below is a list of what will be done weekly:

1) Check water level and report on PoolTrac if water is needed. (adding water is the responsibility of the pool owner)

2) Check water balance and add appropriate chemicals

3) Empty skimmer and pump baskets

4) Empty cleaner bags (if applicable)

5) Skim all debris off surface of pool

6) Brush walls and floor (as needed)

7) Vacuum pool (as needed)

8) Leaf Master (as needed)

Due to most pools being outside, we are in a never ending battle with mother nature. So our goal is to leave with your pool looking 95% better then it was when we arrived. (Specialty chemicals, algaecides and removers will be charged for accordingly and are not included in the monthly fee).

One Time Cleaning

We would be happy to help you when the time arises such as a party, guests visiting, or just because you need a break. We will be happy to give you a full water analysis but all chemicals will be charged accordingly. Also, this is charged at our service charge rate.

Please always consider scheduling this service at least 72 hours in advance of when you need the pool cleaned.

Now offering chemical and cleaning equipment delivery. Check out our Supplies selection.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed