Mirror Image Aquatics is proud to announce we are bringing the pool store to your front door! You can order either online or through our office for all your chemical & cleaning equipment needs, & we will then deliver these items to your location.
We are only listing the most used items and the sizes that offer the best price per unit. Other products and sizes are available, just let us know what you are looking for. Please either fill out the contact form at the bottom or contact our office at 281-849-POOL (7665) to place your order and set up a delivery time and location.
Delivery fees are set up as a flat rate depending on zip code. Any order, no matter how large or small, will fall into the same rate. The rate chart is listed at the bottom of the store page. Any order over $250.00 will receive FREE delivery.


Please note: Due to COVID-19, some products have limited or no availability. Pricing during this time is changing on us rapidly. We recommend checking with the office for current pricing and availability on all products.

Price List

  • 3' Chlorine Tabs
    (50# Bucket)
  • Cal-Hypo Shock - 68%
    (25# Bucket)
  • Muratic Acid
    (1 Gallon)
  • Muratic Acid
    (1 Case (4gals))
  • Liquid Chlorine
    (1 Gallon)
  • Liquid Chlorine
    (1 Case (4gals))
  • Hardness Increaser
    (6# Bottle)
  • Hardness Increaser
    (15# Bottle)
  • Sodium-Bicarb
    (50# Bag)
  • Aquasalt
    (40# Bag)
  • No Mor Problems Algaecide
    (1 Quart Bottle)
  • Orenda PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover
    (1 Quart Bottle)
  • Liquid Conditioner
    (1 Gallon Bottle)
  • Metal Control
    (1 Quart Bottle)
  • Basic Test Kit
    (This test kit tests- chlorine, pH, Alkilinity, and acid demand)
  • Professional Test Kit
    (This test kit tests- chlorine, pH, Alkilimity, acid demand, bicarb demand, calcium hardness, and CYA)
  • Phosphate Test Kit
    (20 tests)
  • Basic Pool Pole
    (Extends from 8' - 16')
  • Professional Pool Pole
    (3 part pole with inner and outter locking cams. Extends from 6'-18')
  • Basic Leaf Rake
    (Medium quality net)
  • Professional Leaf Rake
    (Pro quality net with more durable lip)
  • Basic Vac Head
    (Standard vac head)
  • Professional Vac Head
    (Pro quality vac head with swivel connector and SS bearings)
  • 18" Nylon Brush
    (18" nylon bristle brush)
  • 18" Combo Brush
    (18" nylon and stainless steel combo brush)
  • 18" Stainless Steel Brush
    (18" Stainless steel brush)
  • Leaf Master
    (Leaf master with bag)
  • Rainbow 320 Lid O-ring
    (Lid o-ring for Rainbow 320 chlorinator)
  • O-ring Lube 5oz
    (O-ring lube for al o-ringson pool equipment)
  • Pentair Legend Standard Bag
    (Cleaner bag for Pentair Legend Cleaner)
  • Polaris 280 Standard Bag
    (Standard cleaner bag for Polaris 280 cleaner)

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